The Organic Market and Café

Butter - Salted 250g

$8.00 each
Certified Organic

Produced from cows grazed on organic pastures which results in a distinctly warm yellow colour with a naturally smooth and creamy flavour that is perfect for cooking or baking or simply enjoyed spread on your favourite piece of toast – Yumm! With no artificial additives, preservatives or colourings.

This butter is churned in Camperdown Victoria using the remarkable milk from Organic Dairy Farmers of Austraia. Ingredients Organic cream, salt, water Sizes Available 250g block Storage and Handling Keep refrigerated below 4 degrees Celsius

About Organic Dairy Farmers

We are a co-operative, owned and operated by the farmers who supply the milk. Founded in 2002 to provide infrastructure, leadership and dialogue between participants in the organic dairy industry. We comprise 16 certified organic and bio-dynamic farms, with more due to join after completing the 3 year conversion process. We supply over two thirds of all organic milk produced in Australia. Farms are located in the three main dairying regions of Victoria. We supply milk and dairy ingredients to companies in Australia and overseas who in turn carry our logo as a mark of quality & integrity. We launched our own brand - True Organic - in 2007, and more recently, the Organic Dairy Farmers of Australia brand for our range of specialty dairy products. ORGANIC ETHOS As farmers, we share a common set of values when it comes to how we care for our land, treat our animals, and in general, how we live our lives in the community. We refer to this as our 'organic ethos'. To be Certified Organic, we follow a strict set of standards that prohibit the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and antibiotics, yet our organic ethos is about much more than these things. It is concerned with sustainability in the broader sense – sustaining not just the land, but also communities and families in general. It is about an ethical approach to business and personal relationships, and maintaining the highest professional standards. We sum it all up by saying we're about: Family Farms, Healthy Soil, Happy Cows… Remarkable Milk OUR VALUES We believe everything we do has a knock on effect - from the way we farm, treat our animals, manage our personal and business relationships, and produce our products - fundamentally they must all be sustainable. An ethical and fair approach to these relationships is fundamental to who we are as people and an organisation. We believe that just as in personal relationships, the relationship our customer have with the brand relies on honesty. When it comes to our products and how we sell them, there are no tricks. We don't waste words, just like we don't waste resources. As farmers, we are connected by our commitment to the co-operative farming model. We share ideas, resources and ultimately, the profits that the co-operative generates. We believe the individual relationship a farmer has with their land is much more important than the size of the operation. A farmer who owns the land and lives on the land is best placed to care for the land, and ultimately, produce better food. We believe that society as a whole is better off when there is greater awareness of where food comes from and how it is produced. We consider building this awareness an important part of what we do as a co-operative. We also like a laugh - it helps us connect with people •

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