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Spelt - Fruit Buns [6]

$11.30 each

A range of Ancient Grains Bread is delivered to us on a Tuesday afternoon.
Specific orders need to be in by Friday lunchtime for the following Tuesday.

About Ancient Grains

The Beginning of Ancient Grains Bakery Ancient Grains Bakery was created in 2008 to fill a need for whole grain gluten free, dairy free, and egg free foods. People who follow a gluten free diet should have easy access to the whole grain goodness of amaranth, teff, sorghum, buckwheat and millet. These “ancient grains” have been providing outstanding nutrition to people around the world for thousands of years. Ancient Grains Bakery uses these whole grains to make unique, delicious, convenient foods. Ancient Grains products are sold frozen, excluding the biscotti, which is shelf stable for several months. We use high quality, simple ingredients to create nutrient rich, earth friendly foods. We source non GMO, organic and fair trade ingredients when possible. Ancient Grains was created to bring the finest gluten-free grains to all the world. As a professional cook and nutrition consultant, I have been enjoying a lifetime of cooking. While in graduate school, a professor passed along a book to me titled The Lost Crops of Africa I was fascinated by the description of the grains, their long history in Africa and Asia, their nutrient density and versatility, and their potential use for gluten-free diets. As a nutrition consultant, I began meeting people that needed to replace gluten in their diets with wheat- and gluten-free foods. Most of what I found on the shelf at this time was made from rice flour and tapioca starch creating low nutrient foods. So I began experimenting with ancient grains such as teff and amaranth, and ultimately came up with some whole grain foods that can be enjoyed by all— even those that don't need to eliminate gluten but want to enjoy interesting and healthy grains. This was the start of Ancient Grains Bakery. The mission of Ancient Grains Bakery is to prepare convenient, nutritious, interesting foods using the highest quality ingredients and to educate about the benefits of eating a variety of these whole grains. These grains do not simply provide a “replacement” for wheat products, but are more complex and interesting ingredients in their own right. Currently we are using Millet, Teff, Sorghum, Buckwheat and Amaranth. From pie crusts to biscotti, Ancient Grains Bakery products provide all-natural alternatives. So whether you are sensitive to wheat or gluten, or are just looking to expand your culinary and nutritional experiences, please try some ancient grains today.

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We will not be delivering on Wednesday 26th January......if this is your usual delivery day we will contact you to organise delivery either for the tuesday or thursday....many thanks, Bron