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Buffalo - Buffalino Portion 150g

$10.50 each

Australia's first Water Buffalo dairy is located at Shaw River, near the small coastal town of Yambuk, Victoria, with a herd started with water buffalo imported from Italy and Bulgaria. A family operation, the Haldane family has taken European style methods and adapted them to the local conditions with world class results. Shaw River was previously known as Purrumbete.

Buffalo milk is porcelain white and has a smooth sweet taste. It contains twice the milk solids of cow's milk, about 30% more calcium and has high levels of antioxidants. It also contains Vitamin A in a more readily digestible form than other milks and can generally be eaten by those who have lactose intolerance. It takes about 4.5 liters/1.19 gallons of buffalo milk to make 1kg/2.2lb of cheese, compared to 10-12 liters/2.64 - 3.17 gallons of cows milk.

Shaw River Buffalo Yogurt is completely natural and contains pure buffalo milk cultured with acidophilus and bifidus cultures. It is smooth and creamy, with a mild tang and naturally firm texture.

Shaw River Buffalo Mozzarella (bocconcini) redefines what mozzarella should taste like. Forget the processed versions you find in the grocery store, this mozzarella is fresh and creamy.

We have recently selected three wonderful new buffalo cheeses to add to our collection: Shaw River Dancing Brolga is a semi-hard cheese made from washed buffalo curd. Mild flavored when young, it becomes nutty with age; Shaw River Buffalino , a smooth pliable cheese with a naturally high moisture content, that melts very easily. It is wonderful on pizza; and Shaw River Buffetta , a feta style buffalo cheese.

Shaw River has won several awards, including the prestigious Jaguar Award, given in conjunction with Gourmet Traveler Magazine, for innovation in food production.

About Shaw River

Eyjpzci6imyxowi1zgq2ytjmzdkwnjlkzjvkmgnmmddhmwvizdfjiiwic3rvcmfnzsi6inb1ymxpy19zdg9yzsj9?signature=6cee6ee0f2c593b059ea5cb99ab8befbcb23df3a49651ea709b5aa6552ba0523 In 1995, Roger and Clyde Haldane imported a charter plane of Bulgarian and Italian water buffalo. These animals were Australia’s first herd of water buffalo, and the beginnings of award-winning cheesemaking. With the help of his daughter Thea, Roger uses an Italian technique over 1500 years old. The herd of 300 beasts provides enough milk for balls of mozzarella, yoghurt, and romano and paneer cheeses. There are awards enough to prove this family is in the right business, including the Jaguar Award for innovation in food production. In 1995, Italian Riverine Buffalo's were introduced to Australia at Purrumbete, in the Western Districts of Victoria, to provide milk in commercial quantities for cheese production. From this initial herd, the milk was transported to the Mount Emu Creek Dairies at Camperdown, Victoria where cheesemaker John Stark began the process of producing an Australian version of the prized Mozzarella di Bufala, for centuries a favoured cheese in the south-western Italian region of Campania. The presence of Buffalo in Australia completed the milk source picture for local cheesemakers already working with milk from cows, ewes and goats. Buffalo have long played an important role in dairying in Asia and Europe, representing about 40% of all animals milked in the world. This short tradition of working with buffalo milk in Australia has passed to Thea Haldane – daughter of Purrumbete milk producer Roger Haldane – and Andrew Royal, who then started producing a wider range of products at Mt Emu Creek. Due to further expansion, the Buffalo have been relocated to the lush, green pastures alongside the SHAW RIVER near the small coastal town of YAMBUK, in Victoria’s Southwest.

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