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Peaches - Yellow

$19.90 per kg
Certified Organic

These are the first of the season, small in size. From Victoria, grown at Lake Boga. Around 12 peaches to the kg depending on size.

The peach originated in China around 10 B.C. The fruit was mentioned in Chinese writings during that times as a favorite fruit of emperors. Greek philosopher Theophrastus named the fruit “peach” around 300 B.C. because he thought the fruit was native to Persia. In actuality, Persians brought peaches from China and introduced them to the Romans.

Yellow peaches are a variety of peach that are slightly more acidic than their white peach counterpart. They have a single stone, or pit, in the center of a bright yellow-flesh. Yellow peaches are great for fresh eating, canning, sauces, and any baking recipe.

A few suggestions on how to use these beautiful organic peaches: Sip a Peach Lassi made of ripe peaches blended with tart yogurt and a dash of cardamom. For a quick and impressive appetizer, roll peaches, rosemary and goat cheese in puff pastry and bake until golden and crispy. Cook ripe peaches down in a skillet with lemon zest, cinnamon and pure cane sugar for a quick and easy refrigerator jam or dessert topping. Tangy goat or feta cheese topped with juicy peaches and honey makes a perfect cheese course or dessert.

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