The Organic Market and Café

Milk - Full Cream 2l

$6.00 each
Certified Organic

About Paris Creek

B.-d. Farm Paris Creek Pty Ltd has an outstanding reputation as one of Australia’s finest producers of award winning dairy products. Produced in the beautiful Adelaide Hills of South Australia our Milk, Yogurt, Quark, Butter and our unique handcrafted Soft and Hard cheeses are made from the highest quality premium, natural milk. We avoid the use of homogenisation, GM, hormones, UHT treatments and we do not put our products through any un-necessary production processes in order to provide the best possible health benefits for today’s discerning consumer looking for truly organic healthy food for themselves and their families.

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We will not be delivering on Wednesday 26th January......if this is your usual delivery day we will contact you to organise delivery either for the tuesday or thursday....many thanks, Bron