The Organic Market and Café

Decaf - Beans 200g

$13.60 each

Organic Decaf
Profile: Balanced Origin: Central America

Our decaf coffee is processed using a 100% natural water decaffeination process, ensuring the beans to maintain their full flavour and body.

About Rio Coffee

Rio Coffee - producing artisan hand-roasted specialty coffee since 1964. We pride ourselves in offering the best possible specialty coffee to businesses and individuals who place a high value on quality and exclusivity. We are informed, but not constrained by our long history in the industry – perpetually reforming, modernizing, and improving our practices, infrastructure and premium product catalogue to ensure the Rio brand remains at the forefront of espresso coffee development in Australia. The man who started it all - Fulvio Pagani - is still here, and remains heavily involved in the company's daily business. Rio Coffee always roasts to order daily, ensuring the highest attainable levels of freshness and quality.

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