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Oat Milk 1l

$3.80 each
Certified Organic

Pureharvest Organic Oat Milk is a nutritious organic non-dairy milk made from whole organic oats. Pureharvest Oat Milk contains 17% whole organic oats. Pureharvest Oat Milk is Sugar Free Pureharvest Oat Milk contains all the benefits of whole oats. It is a delicious healthy food and an excellent fibre-rich alternative for people dealing with lactose intolerance or soy allergies. Based on the traditional food of northern Europe, oat milk has a light taste that is rich in complex carbohydrates and minimal saturated fat. We use only the best whole organic oats, filtered water, and a touch of organic sunflower oil to create a satisfying and nutritious natural food.

Organic oats are known to be a good source of soluble fibre and are recommended for anyone concerned with healthy eating. Oats are excellent for maintaining digestive balance, can help lower cholesterol, and are full of phytochemicals to help fight cancer.

Our Organic Oat Milk is cholesterol free, lactose free, and has no added inulin, sugar, or any other artificial sweeteners or additives. It is an excellent alternative to dairy milk for use in your breakfast cereal or with your cooking.

This product contains organic whole oats, filtered water, organic sunflower oil and a pinch of sea salt.

Pure Harvest
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