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Melon - Rock Melon /Kg

$3.50 per kg
Certified Organic

Rockmelons weigh in from around 1.5kg upwards. Very happy to cut to your requirements.

Melons come in many varieties and in different sizes. Fresh slices, fruit salad, juicing, savoury combinations with lean ham, prawns, smoked chicken, roast duck or prosciutto.

Varieties include: Rock melon (Canteloupe): has netted beige coloured skin and peach coloured flesh with a musky aroma and flavour.

Selection: All melons should be heavy and firm for their size. Avoid damaged or soft melons. Rock melon (Canteloupe) has a porous skin allowing the exotic smell to come through when ripe. Ripe rock melon (Canteloupe) and honeydews will yield to gentle pressure at the flower end.

Storage: Under refrigeration and when cut cover with plastic film.

Preparation: All melons should be served chilled. Remove skin and seeds with a sharp knife.

Serving suggestion: Slices of barbecued or roast duck, honeydew melon cubes, pistachios and rocket leaves tossed in an Asian style chilli dressing.

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