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Olives - Kalamata [Jumbo]

$29.95 per kg


Coriole has been producing fine table olives for over ten years, with Kalamata the principle variety.

Sourced mostly from our own and a few neighbouring groves, Coriole's brined Kalamata, Koroneiki, Verdale and Leccino olives are all packaged with very low salt levels, allowing the integrity and texture of the fruit to be expressed fully.

Also produced in recent years are Coriole's Salt Cured Kalamatas, which use just rock salt and sunshine to deliver a uniqely moreish olive to the table.

Coriole Vineyards have been rewarded with the two most recent Australian Olive Association National Expo Trophies for producing Australia's BEST Table Olives!

Coriole Vineyards
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