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Jersey Milk 2l

$6.60 each

Full Cream Jersey Milk 2 Litre bottle Pastuerised, Non-Homogenised "The original plan was not to sell milk, but our customers lapped it up, along with the cream. Part of the secret is that Jersey milk contains large globules of fat. 'The large globules help the feel in the mouth, and also digestion. Homogenisation smashes them. So we don't homogenise the milk. We're anti-smash!' Dan McCaul, explains." One Continuous Picnic: A gastronomic history of Australia. By Michael Syomns.

About Alexandrina Cheese

Eyjpzci6imu2mwnkmzrhzme0mmu3nzjlodzmndywytllodgwntrliiwic3rvcmfnzsi6inb1ymxpy19zdg9yzsj9?signature=fc2ebd50bd8685b4eb2871b98da26a8b438e3ce4005015a4e2b277ce87e96987 About Us Jersey Cows It all starts each day with rich, creamy milk from eighty (well loved and individually named!) Jersey cows. They are fed on long green clover pasture, grown on the rolling hills of the family farm, nestled on the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia Handmade The McCaul family began making cheese in 1902 and third generation Dan McCaul and his family are continuing the tradition of manufacturing premium quality cheeses in the purpose built cheese factory at Mt. Jagged. Tradition Using exclusive starter cultures and rennet, the manufacturing process has gone back in time over a hundred years, returning to the traditional methods of cheese making. Our boutique cheeses possess subtle variation in flavour – it is to be enjoyed knowing the seasonal variation of the Jersey cows milk, and the weekly turn of the cheesemakers hands. Time The cheese maker waits patiently in the storeroom near the old wooden boards for the cheese to mature before stamping the Alexandrina brand onto the cheeses. This quality check gives a seal of approval to each individual wheel.

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