The Organic Market and Café

Basket - Bangalow (Small)

$29.50 each

Pear & Quince Jam w/ Star Anise & Fresh Ginger

The staff favorite of all our jams. A stunning collaboration of slow cooked caramelly quince pieces, intensely sweet pears and hints of star anise and fresh ginger. Spread thickly over your favourite sourdough for breakfast; serve as you would quince paste on a cheese board, or use in conjunction with chicken and brie for an awesome pie filling.

About Baskets - African

Woven Baskets, Hats and Fans. Elephant grass grows surrounding waterholes in the Sahei region of West Africa. The strong slender leaves are harvested seasonally by the Fra Fra people of Northern Ghana, then soaked and stretched to produce a fine supple, and extra strong fibre. Your purchase of this item helps to maintain the time-honoured craft of weaving, while continuing a long-existing fair trade relationship with these people. The baskets, hats and fans can be soaked in water and reshaped as desired.

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