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$52.75 per kg
Certified Organic

1 large piece of Ginger is approx 100gms

Ginger root is a rhizome, the horizontal stem of a plant that is most often found underground. Ginger is propagated primarily by breaking off pieces of the stem and creating a whole new plant. It is harvested for its roots, but also for its flowers, both used for culinary, medicinal and ornamental purposes.

Ginger root has an appearance unlike almost any other edible root. It has a conspicuous and random shape that defines its structure - winding knobbed and branched stems that have a pale beige toned skin that begins to turn more earthy with age. Young ginger root is sweet, spicy and succulent. At this stage both the flesh and skin are considered edible. As the root matures, the skin toughens and the flesh gets fibrous and nearly dry, making it more challenging to utilize for culinary purposes. However, the mature roots have a much more potent juice, when extracted. Ginger root's peppery sweet flavor and aroma can be attributed to its percentage of volatile oils, zingerone, shogaols and gingerols, stored within its flesh.

Ginger root has medicinal virtues that give it a multitude of uses beyond the culinary landscape. It is often used as a digestive aid as well as a stimulant to reduce fatigue. It can be found as an essential ingredient in herbal remedies for preventing and reducing nausea and motion sickness.

Whether eaten raw, cooked, candied or dried, ginger root has vast culinary purposes. It is an essential pantry ingredient within the kitchen. Ginger root can be used for dressings, marinades, stocks, purees and confections as well as for drinks such as ginger beer and ginger tea.

To store, refrigerate in a paper bag in the crisper drawer, or grate the entire root, lay in a line on a sheet of plastic wrap, wrap and twist ends tightly, then freeze.

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