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Fast Acting Spray 125ml

$17.95 each

Very fast acting for painful moments Just spray and wait there is no rub-in required Provides local analgesia for arthritis and rheumatism Excellent on achey bones, RSI and sporting injuries

Roseneath FAST Acting Relief contains anti-inflammatory and warming essential oils such as Eucalyptus, Wintergreen, Wild Thyme, Sweet Marjoram, Juniper Berry and Clove Bud in a base of Organic Calendula tincture, peppermint menthol, white camphor and salicylic acid.

All of the ingredients found in this product have been shown to support the natural healing of bruises, crush injuries, sprains, strains and contusions. This product may be sprayed on and will work rapidly with absolutely no rub-in required. Adhesive sport strapping may be used over the treated area in as little as 2 or three minutes.

This spray enhances the skin penetration of the Roseneath Slow Release Rub. Just three or four sprays of Roseneath FAST Acting Relief used together with the Roseneath Slow Release Rub will markedly enhance the penetration and the overall effectiveness of the rub.

Contains - Pure Ethanol Pure Water Organic Calendula Extract Oil of Wintergreen Ilex Paraguariensis Extract Peppermint Menthol White Camphor Essential oil of Eucalyptus Essential oil of Wild Thyme Essential oil of Sweet Marjoram Essential oil of Juniper Berry Essential oil of Clove Bud (BP) Pure Salicylic Acid

Features Fast Acting Formula No Rub-in Required Time to Act Almost Immediate Effective Relief for Boney Areas

See Also Combine with Slow Release Rub for Boney Areas

About Roseneath

Roseneath Organics produces high quality, high potency all natural products. We are Certified Bio Dynamic with NASAA Our NASAA membership number is 5300 At Roseneath we do not buy in someone elses base cream or lotion and simply add herbs and essential oils We make all products from scratch using our own premium extractions produced on-farm from fresh Organic/Bio-Dynamic plant material wherever possible There is nothing hidden in Roseneath products All ingredients in our products are declared on the label All Roseneath products are made in Australia Roseneath Organics runs its' own medicinal herb farm comprising over 10 acres certified Organic/Biodynamic We grow over 70 medicinal plant species Please note that all Roseneath Organics products are made using certified organic coconut oil,palm oil, shea butter and cocoa butter. These high quality organic ingredients are sustainably produced in Colombia, Fiji, Samoa and various countries in Western Africa. They are supplied to Roseneath via ethically sound fair trade and certified organic suppliers. We do not use palm oil from Malaysia or Indonesia. Wherever possible we support village co-operatives. More information on orangutan friendly palm oil and the supply of other high quality ingredients can be found by clicking on this link. Roseneath has received queries regarding the decision to use PET plastic for packaging our products. The decision to use PET over glass was made for several reasons. The weight of glass increases the product postal cost significantly. The products need to be robust and to survive drops and falls around the home and particularly in the bathroom where floors are very often hard tiled surfaces. PET is much more drop resistant than glass and will not shatter like glass. We selected PET over other plastics such as LDPE, HDPE, Vinyl, Polycarbonate and others as PET seems to be the safest plastic generally available. Provided that the PET is treated correctly it does not seem to pose a risk to the consumer with regards the leaching of plasticisers or antimony. In order to verify this we have conducted a fairly extensive search of the literature available and have prepared a summary regarding these issues. The summary can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking on this link.

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