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Tissue - 2 Ply 100% Recycled

$2.00 each

Facial Tissue 100% Recycled EcoSoft 2-Ply Premium Facial Tissue 100 Sheets per Box, 48 boxes per ctn 20x20cm "Green Facial Tissues"

Frequently Asked Questions:

How tree friendly is your recycled paper? Sadly, based on most global definitions, recycled paper can still contain virgin pulp. Hence trees could still be cut down in the manufacture of your recycled paper products.

Bay West EcoSoft Premium Green towel and tissue products are made from 100% recycled wastepaper and are derived from 100% post-consumer waste, thus making EcoSoft Premium Green products among the most environmentally preferable towel and tissue lines available in the away-from-home market.

Why Thoughtful Consumption? Bay West EcoSoft Premium Green towel and tissue products can help your organisation adopt the powerful concept of

Thoughtful Consumption, to further enhance any existing environmental stewardship programs already in place.

Trees help us breathe and provide a home for countless numbers of animals and insects. Trees are the largest and longest living

The lifecycle of a tree is significantly extended through the manufacture of 100% recycled, 100% post-consumer waste paper products.

Why terminate the full lifecycle of a tree to simply manufacture towel and tissue products, when, for example, the material could be sourced from a cardboard carton, which was sourced from a newspaper, which came from a text book, which in turn was derived from a phone book?

Making conscious decisions about your consumption habits can only benefit you, your workplace and our environment. Supporting Charity: 50cents from each carton of Baywest Toilet Paper and Hand Towel will be donated to a charity in Uganda.

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