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Dog Soap 110g

$9.30 each

Pennyroyal and Citronella is the ingredient in this soap that makes it distinctly a dog’s soap! Ingredients: Saponified Olive Oil, Palm & Coconut Oils, Essential Oils.

About R & J Soaps

Eyjpzci6ijy1ody3ymm2njkzzdy2nwe1oge3mzzhogvinjq2zjvmlnrpzmyilcjzdg9yywdlijoichvibgljx3n0b3jlin0?signature=c6082ce08359c0ace5279a886c60f66f0ab4f678501f0f17ecb705d2ca7933b0 Moisturising olive oil soaps of unrivalled quality and purity The beneficial properties of olive oil have been known and utilised by Mediterranean cultures for centuries. At R. & J. Soaps we hold a firm belief that the use of olive oil as the chief ingredient in our manufacturing process creates a soap of superior quality. Due to the high content of glycerides in olive oil this ensures a remarkably smooth soft soap that is extremely kind to sensitive skin, never leaving the skin tight or dry. Our product range is especially suited for sensitive skin, baby skin, the aged and the health conscious. R. & J. manufacture soap to a true old style method, working in small batches, using only quality ingredients. The product was created in 1991 out of necessity for a family member with skin sensitivities. Originally made at the kitchen table from start to finish using oils, lye and fragrance, these ingredients were mixed, poured, then cut and cured. To this day, the process cannot be mass produced. The result is a range of virgin olive oil soaps of unrivalled quality and purity. We believe in making the best!  Hand Made in Australia

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