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Capsicum - Green

$12.95 per kg
Certified Organic

Approx 4 medium capsicums to the kg.

These Capsicums are from Shane Eldridge at Murray Bridge. His parents Marcia & Bruce - recently retired, were one of the first organic growers to be certified in SA. With well over 70 glasshouses, they are one of the most prolific growers of Capsicums and Tomatoes in Australia.

Green capsicums are also sometimes called bell peppers, is a slightly sweet fruit used in many cuisines from different regions. Unlike its spicy cousins, the green capsicum has little to no perceptible heat and may be safely enjoyed by those who dislike spicy foods. Green peppers are delicious in a variety of recipes, but care must be taken when purchasing to ensure the best flavour.

Green capsicums are actually unripe yellow or red peppers, and are far less sweet and more bitter.

Green capsicum plants are easily found at nurseries and garden supply stores, and grow well throughout temperate climates. They can be grown from seeds or small plants. If grown from seeds, capsicums should be planted at the end of winter or in early spring. Many experts recommend letting seeds mature indoors and transferring to outdoor beds or containers after two or three months. Capsicums will produce fruit throughout the year depending on the general climate.

Having obtained a supply of green capsicums, the question becomes how best to prepare them. Some people enjoy eating green peppers raw, as they are a crunchy and sweet addition to salads and crudite platters. Recipes that use green pepper often fit into Mediterranean and South American cuisine.

A stuffed green capsicum is a beautiful and delicious treat that can be made with a variety of fillings. To make, slice the top off a green pepper and reserve. Hollow out the pepper, carefully removing all seeds. Fill pepper with cheese, ground beef, rice, beans, or other vegetables and replace the top. The capsicum can then be baked in the oven.

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