The Organic Market and Café

Buckwheat Loaf (Gluten Free) 680g

$9.95 each
Gluten Free

A range of Naturis Bread is delivered to us on a Thursday afternoon.
Specific orders need to be in by Friday lunchtime for the following Thursday.

Ingredients: Organic buckwheat meal, whole buckwheat kernels, rice flour, buckwheat leaven, cold pressed sunflower oil, sea salt and purified water added.

Nothing Artificial - No Preservatives.

Gluten Free Wheat Free Yeast Free Salt Free Sugar Free Dairy Free

About Naturis Bakery

Naturis Organic Bread ~ created for bread lovers with a gourmet palate, or who simply enjoy a wholesome, nutritious loaf, to those who are cholesterol conscious, vegetarian, vegan or on candida, wheat free, yeast free or gluten free diets. All our breads are made from organic flour, certified by either Biofarm, Demeter or N.A.S.A.A (National Association of Sustainable Agriculture Australia). Our Water is purified and we seek to use only the finest natural ingredients, free of any genetic modification. There are no preservatives, sugar, dairy products, animal fats, commercial bread improvers, colouring or additives of any kind.

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We will not be delivering on Wednesday 26th January......if this is your usual delivery day we will contact you to organise delivery either for the tuesday or thursday....many thanks, Bron