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Crackers - Black Sesame Rice 60g

$6.25 each
Certified Organic
Gluten Free

Black Sesame Crackers Size: 75 g Source: Japan Spirals Senbei (traditional cracker) - wheat free, oven baked, no added oils or fats, no added MSG or flavour enhancers

About Spiral Foods

Eyjpzci6ijjlzgzjngqwmzjmntrjzmmzyjyxnzgxzmjinwyymdc1lnbuzyisinn0b3jhz2uioijwdwjsawnfc3rvcmuifq?signature=199a1d103c38378b23b49b72028e78a3ba301cdffc7e556bde66452c096c3437 Starts in the 70's in Melbourne VIC, with a group of alternates desire to follow the Macrobiotic way of life. Since then we have seen many changes in eating patterns and fads but Spiral has maintained its roots. TODAY... Spiral Foods is Australia’s leading supplier of quality Traditional Foods with an emphasis on Organics. We are now in our 4th decade and our products are found nationally in Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, Japan, US and Colombia. Our range includes the finest Organic Oils & Vinegars, Traditional foods of Japan, Canadian Maple syrup, Mexican Agave, Organic Fruit Juices & Purees from the US, readymade organic sauces & drizzles and a large range of local Australian quality groceries. We believe good safe wholesome food is a basic human right. this earth, this food . . . At Spiral Foods we are proud of our contributions to help slow the unnecessary changes that are occuring to our earth, climate and oceans. Our products are made by people with a passion for wholesome traditional foods of the highest standards and quality. Good, safe, wholesome food is a basic human right. Our foods continue to provide nourishment and wellbeing across the generations of people who take care about the food they eat and our earth.

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