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French Basket - Classic Original

$43.95 each

These baskets are genuine French-style market baskets imported from Morocco. Each one is handmade using traditional methods and techniques and so is unique. The baskets are made of strips of woven palm leaves from a species of date palm - Phoenix Dactylifera. The strips are then sewn together and the basket built up in "rounds" into the traditional triangle shape, variations of which can be found in countries all around the Mediterranean. The more rounds the bigger the basket! The handles are of genuine Moroccan leather and firmly fixed to the baskets so they won't pull off. Handles are either short so the baskets can be carried in the hand or on the elbow, or longer to go over the shoulder. Naturally, they work best filled with the best Australian fresh produce but they are also extremely versatile, either as a fabulous companion for shopping, for transporting gourmet goodies on picnics, as a great beach bag. They also make a perfect present - either on their own or filled with great food and wine. You can even take one away for the weekend - it's much easier to pack than a suitcase! Once you own one of these beautiful, elegant baskets it will become part of your life and you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

Baskets - French
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