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Avocado - Fuerte

$6.95 each
Certified Organic

Fuerte avocados have a pronounced pear shape. Their skin is thin, glossy, green and slightly textured. Their skin is also relatively loose, making Fuertes easy to peel. They’re available between March and September.

To Buy: These stay green when ripe and will not turn brown when they're cut. To pick a ripe one, gently press the neck of the avocado. If it's slightly soft to the touch it's perfect.

To Store: Whole, once ripe Avocados can be stored in the refrigerator uncut for two to three days

To Prepare: Ripen at room temperature and store in the refrigerator crisper. Unripe fruit will only ripen effectively at room temperature. The simplest way to prepare an avocado for use is to cut the flesh lengthwise around the seed and twist both halves gently to separate. Insert a sharp knife into the seed by giving it a gentle tap, twist and lift out. To peel, strip skin from fruit, beginning at the stem end and then use as desired. The flesh Avocado can be used as a substitute for butter. Best served on toast, added to sandwiches and used in salads, dips and used in cooking dishes.

Cooking Tips: For a fresh burst of flavour, top a chicken and bacon penne pasta dish with thick slices of Fuerte avocado just before serving. For a winter after-school snack, mash a Fuerte avocado together with a little sour cream and lemon juice. Spread over multigrain toast or on crackers. Make a tasty side salad by combining baby spinach leaves, slices of Fuerte avocado, roasted pecan nuts and grilled pieces of prosciutto. A great fresh idea to accompany roast chicken.

Our Avocadoes come freshly picked from the Klingbeil family in the Riverland.

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