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Apples - Royal Gala

$8.75 per kg
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5 - 6 apples per kilo

The Growers: Graeme & Fiona Schultz, have been supplying us with their Apples for the past 10+years.

Located locally at Forest Range in SA, the family property stretches over 60hectares…25 of which is Orchard, the other 35 remaining virgin bush land.

They grow an extensive variety - including Fujis, Pink Ladys, Jonathons, Granny Smiths, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious and Braeburn Apples.

The season runs from February to September - after which we source from other growers around Australia to fill the void.

We applaud the Schultz family for their commitment to the environment as well as a big thank you for supplying us with the most sought after apples in Australia.

This well known apple has a stripy red skin on yellow background. Its creamy-white flesh is firm, crisp, juicy and finely textured with a rich, honeyed flavour. Very juicy when ripe, reflecting the perfumed quality of one parent, the Kidd`s Orange Red.

First raised in 1934 in Greytown, New Zealand, with the other parent being the Golden Delicious.When Queen Elizabeth was given a presentation box of these apples, she was very impressed and requested more. It gained further royal approval from the Queen of the Netherlands and is now widely grown internationally. The Royal Gala can be well used in salads, apple juice and used in cooking.

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