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Apples - Fuji

$9.55 per kg
Certified Organic

5-6 apples in a kilo

This medium-sized apple is slightly sweeter than other varieties and is great in salads, pies and sauces. Can be frozen. The skin colour of Fuji can vary, but it has a predominantly red/dull pink blush over a greeny/yellow base.

An apple with a honey sweet taste, Fuji often has a see through core. It is firm-textured, crisp and juicy with an extremely dense flash. Some of the fruit is displaying 'water core' -this is a phenomena that makes the core of the Apple look wet - basically the apple has been sun ripened to the point that starch converts to sugar making the fruit extremely sweet ! Many consider Fuji to be the perfect eating apple. The high sugar content makes it good for cooking as it will retain its shape. Fuji originated in Japan where it is a major variety It was raised in 1939 by Mr Nutsi at the Morioka Horticultural Research Station, Japan. Its parentage is Ralls Janet crossed with the Red Delicious.

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