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Murphy Crossing Eggs Free Range 700g [12]

$6.95 each

We are situated in the Lower North of South Australia and are a family owned and operated egg farming business, now we are four generations of egg farmers and have many years experience producing high quality eggs. Our family have been involved in the Australian Egg Industry since 1959. Murphy's Crossing Free Range Eggs are genuine Free Range Eggs and are laid, graded and packed in cartons made from recycled paper that are manufactured by a carbon neutral company. We do not buy in eggs from other producers and claim they are Murphy's Crossing Free Range Eggs. You can be confident that eggs sold to you bought from us have been produced on our farm. The "girls" are free to roam outside "ANYTIME" and graze freely across the whole of their ranging area. We farm under the 1,500 bird per hectare laid down by the CSIRO. Hen welfare and safety is of primary concern hence the outside of the fences are electrified to keep vermin out. Foxes have a way of digging in and climbing over fences, that doesn't happen at Murphy's Crossing Free Range Eggs, our hens are safe. Our eggs are produced under sustainable conditions and are grown using a minimum of water and power leaving a lower impact on the environment making every egg produced an efficient end product. Hen health is vitally important and necessary to supply a top quality fresh egg for the South Australian consumer and a major part of having Primary Industry South Australian Government Food Safety Accreditation.

We encourage you to try "nature's nutritious perfect package" and taste for yourself the freshness and enjoy the quality of our home grown local product.

Murphy's Crossing
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