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    Organic Indulgence

    Hummous 400gm

    $9.95 each

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    Certified Organic, Gluten Free ...

    Made by Organic Indulgence

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    Organic Indulgence was established in April 2000 by Nicholas Court and Jessica Bone who are still driving the company today. They have extensive retail and manufacturing experience having operated a retail outlet at the Queen Victoria Market which presented itself as the perfect medium to develop this fantastic range of dips. Since 2005 Organic Indulgence has developed a range of organic dips that have redefined the taste of commercially prepared food. The key is the application of a home-made mentality to a large scale output; the beetroot is cooked from scratch, the carrots are peeled by hand and the herbs are fresh, not dried. Top quality sunflower oil is used instead of the highly processed canola oil found in many brands. These high standards and the best quality ingredients result in a delicious, naturally organic taste bursting with home-cooked goodness. One taste and you’ll be hooked.

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