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Yoghurt - Honey 500g

$7.30 each
Certified Organic

We use certified organic honey from Australia. There can be variations in the flavour throughout the year depending on seasonal availability of the honey.

Barambah Organics' Bush Honey yoghurt comes in three sizes, 200g, 500g and a big 1kg tub. This delicious yoghurt was recently awarded a Silver medal at the Royal Sydney Cheese & Dairy Show.

About Barambah Dairy

Eyjpzci6ijjjmmy3owqxnjg3ztewn2i5ntc2mza2njnlzjyzmzdklmpwzyisinn0b3jhz2uioijwdwjsawnfc3rvcmuifq?signature=d90d4250057da68aa156db4cd089a252e42e9d62ebb146ce64155a4f22c1e865 Barambah Organics is a vertically integrated company, based in Brisbane QLD, producing high quality certified organic products. Barambah Organics sources its fresh organic milk from its own farm at Glenarbon, situated on the Dumaresq River, on the NSW/QLD border. Barambah Organics produces a range of certified organic dairy products, namely yoghurt and freshly bottled milk. Barambah has received many awards since it began in 2002 and is very grateful to its passionate consumers and distributors.

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