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The Organic Market and Café

    Book - Food Matters The Recipe Book

    $49.95 each

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    Introducing the 'Food Matters' Recipe Book, your ultimate kitchen and healthy living companion! If you've watched 'Hungry For Change' and 'Food Matters' and you are looking for ways to incorporate the lessons from these films into your daily life then this book is for you.

    About the Food Matters Recipe Book This recipe book takes you on a journey of discovery with food and how your body uses it. It will help you prepare delicious and healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. From Juices, smoothies and soups to home cooked meals, there is something healthy to enjoy at any time of the day.

    Not only will you learn new recipes but you'll also discover how to put a twist on your current family favorites to 'healthify' each dish with some simple and clever extra touches.

    The most incredible thing about this book is that it is designed to stand on your kitchen bench top. Inside the book you'll discover:

    Over 60 quick and easy delicious and healthy recipes Juices, smoothies, snacks, desserts & more DIY natural beauty recipes including face masks and bath soaks Nutritional benefits of key ingredients and tips on what to shop for Our top 10 nutritional tips for long lasting robust health Dirty dozen - lowest and highest pesticide rated foods Healthy alternatives guide: 'Healthify My Dish' And much more... The idea is that once you start adding these recipes into your life on a daily basis you will start feeling better and this will encourage you to keep eating this way!


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