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    Compostable Bin Liner 80l [20]

    $20.25 each

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    Cardia Bioplastics Managing Director Dr Frank Glatz said "Our compostable products have been extensively tested and are certified by the major international testing authorities. We source our own raw materials, formulate and manufacture the resins using our proprietary technology and produce the bags at our state of the art bag making facilities in Nanjing, China. We give our customers full assurance that the Cardia Bioplastics bag products deliver highest performance, meet the prescribed international certifications standards and decompose safely in council organic waste management systems. Cardia Compostable bags meet the most demanding standards in the world. Belgium-based Organic Waste Systems independently tested our products and confirmed that they are not toxic to either plants or earthworms. In order to signal to consumers Cardia's commitment, we have used consistent, unique and easily recognizable branding across our Cardia Compostable bag range".

    Recycling organics is vital if we are serious about reducing our eco-footprint and managing our waste sustainably. Retailers and fresh food markets are increasingly promoting the use of compostable bags. Many councils now offer a Kitchen-to-Compost service, where food and garden organics are recycled together and turned into valuable compost. Compost can be used to replenish and remediate eroded soils and in farming. Unlike landfill, this is a sustainable waste management alternative that results in more positive, long-term environmental outcomes for our community and environment.

    Cardia Bioplastics now offers a comprehensive range of compostable bags that are functional and easy to use.

    Cardia Compostable bag range Supplied in a range of sizes and gauges including:-

    8L and 30L Kitchen Tidy Bags; 50L, 80L, 120L and 240L Garbage Bin Liners; Shopping Carrier Bags, and Dog Waste and Nappy Bags Key features of Cardia Compostable bag products are Biodegradable & compostable; Unique "soft-touch" composition; Functional and easy to use; Superior in puncture, tear, heat and grease resistance; Breathable and therefore great for controlling odor & dissipating moisture; Ideal for collection of food waste Supports local Council's domestic organic waste collection programs Compliant with global standards for compostable plastics and independently certified to ASTM D6400 (USA) EN13432 (Europe) AS4736 (Australia)


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