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The Organic Market and Café

    4-Paws Doggie Snacks

    Doggie Snack - Spinach, Ricotta, Garlic

    $4.60 each

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    Spinach, Ricotta and Garlic Ingredients: Organic Oats, Flour, Low Fat Ricotta, Spinach, Quinoa, Home Farm eggs, and a hint of Garlic

    Each packet contains 150gms (min of 12 biscuits)

    4-Paws Premium Doggie Snacks 4-Paws Premium Doggie Snacks are South Australian and use South Australian products. 4-Paws Premium Doggie Snacks are vet approved. 4-Paws Premium Doggie Snacks are all natural bone shaped dog biscuits. 4-Paws Premium Doggie Snacks are made fresh in the Adelaide Hills from oats, local vegetables and fruits. 4-Paws Premium Doggie Snacks are packed with protein and omega-3's for shiny coats and healthy skin. 4-Paws Premium Doggie Snacks are hand cut and cooked extra crunchy for strong teeth, and healthy gums. 4-Paws Premium Doggie Snacks come in 5 delicious varieties. 4-Paws Premium Doggie Snacks are free of artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. 4-Paws Premium Doggie Snacks are the all natural treat that your dog will love you for.

    Human grade food is used in all our products. The liver is dried and diced before being added to the biscuits.

    All our products have been tested on many eager dogs and many different breeds. We have even hunted some of the fussiest dogs in Adelaide and had the wag of approval from them!


    Made by 4-Paws Doggie Snacks

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