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    A. Vogel Plantaforce Low Sodium Bio Certified Organic 200g Plantaforce low sodium is been made entirely from vegetables, fresh vegetables and herbs. All ingredients come from organic farming. Ideal for soups, sauces and soups funds, it is very pleasant flavor and aroma.

    No added salt has been designed for those who want to reduce salt intake without sacrificing flavor.

    Ingredients Vegetable oils (palm, sunflower), * maltodrextina (corn) , yeast extract, vegetables (parsley, carrot, celery, leek, onion) , natural vegetable flavor, chicory extract , spices (lovage lovage or , garlic, turmeric, nutmeg) , citric acid.

    • Certified organic farming

    How to Use Dissolve 1-2 tablespoons or 2 cubes in a quart of hot water and stir. Plantaforce ® Diet enriches vegetable dishes, sauces, rice and pasta.

    Suitable for vegetarians.

    Nutritional Information 100 ml of broth (2 g Plantaforce? Diet): Energy kJ / kcal 42/10 Protein 0.3 g Carbohydrate 0.7 g Lipids 0.7 g Sodium <0.1 g

    100 g of Plantaforce? Diet: Energy kJ / kcal 2118/506 Protein 13.9 g 34.1 g carbohydrate Lipids 35.2 g 4.5 g sodium Chloride 6.9 g 0.7 g potassium Phosphate 0.8 g

    Allergy Information Free of: gluten, lactose, sesame, preservatives, peanuts. It contains no sodium glutamate

    Certified Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free ...

    Made by A. Vogel

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