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    Bremer Cafe Dips

    Hommous 200g

    $6.90 each

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    This classic Middle Eastern dip is perfect for eating just about any way you can think of. Beautiful chickpeas, fresh lemon, garlic and spices make it the best hommus you’ll find anywhere.

    Ingredients: chickpeas (63%), tahini, canola & olive oil, lemon juice (223, 300), lime juice (300, 211, 223), fresh garlic, salt, spices, citric acid.


    Made by Bremer Cafe Dips

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    A South Australian owned and operated Family business in the picturesque Adelaide Hills. Bremercafe began in 1996 as a restaurant in the wine growing district of Langhorne Creek in South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula positioned just over the Bremer River. Dip platters proved very popular on the menu so the decision was made to move into wholesale manufacture. Bremercafe, 14 years later, is proudly owned and operated by Bela Janosi and George Haffner with the help of many loyal and local Adelaide Hills staff. Bela Janosi has vast experience in the South Australian gourmet retail and wholesale food industry. George Haffner has been involved in South Australian retail for the past 20 years.

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