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Yoghurt - Natural 1kg

$10.50 each
Bio Dynamic

Mungalli Creek – Yoghurt - Natural 1kg Bio Dynamic Certified by BDRI Product of Australia Ingredients: Biodynamic whole milk, organic milk solids, live yoghurt cultures L acidophilus, bifidobacterium. Gluten free. No artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives.

About Mungalli

Eyjpzci6ijizndg3otg4mmjmowy0zmjknjy2ndnmy2viyjfmyjayiiwic3rvcmfnzsi6inb1ymxpy19zdg9yzsj9?signature=dc6bda2542f81edca5db6129e2cde3130c99a39de9f6ad3b023bea6bab4c677b About us The Watson family of Mungalli Creek Dairy believe that it is vital that food be produced as naturally as possible. Consequently we use Bio-dynamic farming principles to work within the laws of nature rather than perpetually struggling against them. The Farm The Watson family Biodynamic farm and manufacturing facility, Mungalli Creek is situated in the rolling hills of the southern Atherton Tablelands of tropical North Queensland. Mount Bartle Frere provides a fantastic backdrop to the east, and the farm is situated 800 metres above sea level. Around 60% (120 ha) of the farm is used for dairying the remaining 80 ha has been fenced off and allowed to go back to trees. Established in 1920, the farm is surrounded on three sides by World Heritage rainforest and is located just above Mungalli Falls. The farm is named after the sparkling Mungalli Creek which feeds Mungalli Falls before it travels 30kms through lush tropical rainforest to the costal plains below. This unique natural combination provides the farm with a pristine environment protected from spray drift allowing us to make the best possible products for you. Our mixed herd of Jersey, Swiss Brown, Aussie Red and Friesian cows graze year round on lush grass-legume mountain pastures, 800m above sea level in the rolling green hills of Millaa Millaa. The farm is in a high rainfall area and the soils are predominantly derived from rich volcanic basalt which grows high quality pastures. The Watson family have owned the farm since 1964 and milk between 150-180 cows. The summer pastures are predominantly tropical grasses (seteria and brachiaria) and legume (pinto peanut) and rye grass and clover in Winter. Due to the predominance Jerseys in the herd the milk is rich and creamy ideal for making yoghurts and cheeses. The Manufacturing In 2000 in response to Dairy deregulation (1999), we diversified our biodynamic farming operation into a manufacturing facility to ensure the long-term viability of the family business and to provide a great nourishing product direct to consumers. Our range of soft and hard cheeses and unique Natural Set and Greek Style Yoghurts are created using traditional farmhouse methods in our modern and every expanding production facility. This means better tasting, more natural product for you the consumer because we don’t believe in additives such as emulsifiers, gelatines or colourants – you will taste the difference. Our Other Farmers As the demand for our product increases Australia wide, we have encouraged other like minded farmers to convert to Biodynamics and now also process the Demeter certified Bio-dynamic milk of two other local farms. Our facilities have also been expanded to allow for increased production as others choose the more sustainable paths of organic and Bio-dynamic farming.

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