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    Apples - Juicing

    $3.75 per kg

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    5 - 6 apples per kilo

    These are apples with blemishes - that make them ideal for juicing. No particular variety - just what has been put aside when grading apples for the shelf.

    The Growers: Graeme & Fiona Schultz, have been supplying us with their Apples for the past 10+years.

    Located locally at Forest Range, the family property stretches over 60hectares…25 of which is Orchard, the other 35 remaining virgin bush land.

    They grow an extensive variety - including Fujis, Pink Ladys, Jonathons, Granny Smiths, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious and Braeburn Apples.

    The season runs from February to September - after which we source from other growers around Australia to fill the void.

    We applaud the Schultz family for their commitment to the environment as well as a big thank you for supplying us with the most sought after apples in Australia.

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