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The Organic Market and Café

    Onions - Red

    $12.95 per kg

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    Approx 5 - 8 to the Kg depending on size

    These Biodynamic Onions are from Queensland

    The Red onion is a bulb onion grown from seed. or sets (small bulbs less than 25mm in diameter). It has a burgundy colored, paper sheath that protects its ruby and white ringed flesh. Red onion flavor ranges from sweet to pungent depending on its age, particular variety or how much sulfur was in the growing soil or in the fertilizer used.

    Red onions have a high polyphenol content, including a rich concentration of flavonoid polyphenols). Among the flavonoids, they also provide a particularly large amount of quercetin.

    Red onions may be used in recipes calling for onion but may also be prepared as a main ingredient. Remove onion top and inner layers to produce a cavity; fill with feta cheese and sauteed wild mushrooms, then bake. Slice onions into rings, then batter and deep-fry. Cook onions with herbs and stock until softened, top with bread and cheese, broil and serve as onion soup. Cook sliced onions slowly in port wine and herbs until very soft and browned, then serve confit as a side to meats or on a cheese platter. For quick-pickled onions, cover sliced red onion with vinegar, sugar and salt and let stand for at least an hour. Red onions will keep in cool dry storage for two - four weeks.

    Certified Organic, Certified Biodynamic ...
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