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The Organic Market and Café

    Onions - Brown

    $9.50 per kg

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    Approx 5 - 8 to the Kg depending on size

    Our brown onions are new season's onions now coming from the Riverland. They are tending to be medium in size.

    Brown onions which have a brown or almost yellow skin and creamy flesh are usually strongly flavoured and are suitable for cooking. This is the most widely used onion. With its pungent aroma and strong flavour it is a good all-round onion. Choose firm, blemish-free onions and avoid any that have green shoots.

    There are many different varieties grown in Australia. Some examples are below: Creamgold Grown in the Riverina New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria,Western Australia and Tasmania. It is an open pollinated, intermediate day variety. It is planted from May through to July and is harvested from early January to early March, depending on location.

    Murray Brown The Murray Brown is grown across South Australia. It is an open pollinated long day variety. The Murray Brown is planted in September and is harvested in February through to March.

    Certified Organic, Certified Biodynamic ...
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