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    Capsicum - Red

    $23.95 per kg

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    Approx 4 medium capsicums to the kg.

    These Capsicums are from Shane Eldridge at Murray Bridge. His parents Marcia & Bruce - recently retired, were one of the first organic growers to be certified in SA. With well over 70 glasshouses, they are one of the most prolific growers of Capsicums and Tomatoes in Australia.

    Red Capsicums - also sometimes known as Bell peppers are a popular vegetable to add to many dishes as they impart both flavor and color. Red Capsicums are the ripened version of the Green Pepper. The extended growing season required to get the 'Red' colour is the reason why they are generally more expensive than the Green variety. They are also much sweeter than their Green cousin.

    Certified Organic, SA Grown ...
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