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    Product Details Practical Uses of Essential Oils: carrier oils, best cleaning oils, oils for emotional conditions, best repellents for home, pets and garden. Aromatherapy Top 30 Essential Oils: top 30 essential oils, extraction methods, blending suggestions, therapeutic uses, common uses and warnings. Aromatherapy Garden: How to grow an aromatic garden, what to plant, where to plant. Blending and extracting. Features: 8 x A4 pages, full colour on sturdy card, protection coated both sides.


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    Welcome to the Aracaria Project PLACE: Aracaria comprises 50 acres in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia. The climate is mild and sub-tropical. Rainfall averages around 2 metres (78 inches) per year. The area is lush and fertile. We have ocean glimpses to the east, an impressive escarpment to the west and the cone of Mount Chincogan to the north-east. However, our topsoil is thin, rocky and poor. HISTORY: This area was once a dense rain forest. With European settlement came clearing and logging. Banana plantations, beef and dairy farming followed. The Aracaria land was part of a large farm that was split into smaller holdings. Biodynamic practices were introduced in the early 1990s. Pecan, mango and lemon myrtle orchards were planted. The land changed hands twice in 2002 and became Aracaria in November, 2002. In 2006 an additional 26 acres were purchased. This area is now being reforested and is in biodynamic conversion. All planting on Aracaria is worked to Moon rhythms. The original 26 acres are certified biodynamic. A large variety of produce is currently grown on Aracaria. The emphasis is on quality rather than quantity. PROJECT: As humans, we see ourselves as creative custodians of this land. Our aim therefore, is to create and nurture the growth of a new skin over it, a skin that will be as close to its true essence as possible. Central to the 20 year project, now in its 7th year, are biodynamic practices. Being an endeavour of land art, Aracaria is not artificial but natural, not concerned with profit-making but with being in integrity with our concept, and not culture specific. Whatever will emerge at the end of the set period (2022) is unknown. METHOD: Ecologically speaking, our farming practice nurtures an eco system with practices that result in food that is dynamic. This means that the food has vitality that is more than the sum of its parts; it carries life itself. While this cannot be scientifically proved, it is clearly evident subjectively and intuitively. The person eating this food will know it: feel better, think more clearly and intelligently and be less susceptible to propaganda. PREPARATIONS: The biodynamic preparations that we make and use (according to directions from the inspired philosopher Rudolf Steiner) could be described as magical compost potions which re-inoculate the soil with life giving micro-organisms, making it so healthy that pest and fungi deterring chemicals are no longer needed. Ultimately the proof is in subjective experience of eating the resultant food. PUBLISHING: An important part of the Aracaria Project are our publishing activities which help to fund the Aracaria Project. On these web pages you will find a broad range of products that are related to our activities and interests. RECORDS: We keep extensive photographic records of our work. You can see a large collection of images on our website which is usually updated twice a week. Thank you for visiting us! If you have any questions, please send an email. Aracaria Biodynamic Farm Aracaraiguides Publishing Northern NSW, Australia

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