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    Fruit Loaf 680gm

    $10.95 each

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    So much fruit! A whole kilogram of fruit is added to each kilogram of dough.

    It contains apricots, sultanas, dates and a prune (yes, we put a prune in every loaf!). Topped with our special seed mixture of poppy, linseed and sesame seeds.

    A white flour and sour dough 680 gram unsliced loaf.

    Serving suggestion: Toasted with REAL butter for a delicious breakfast or afternoon tea.

    Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Water, Rye Flour, Salt, Improver, Yeast, Spices, Poppy Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Dried Fruit (50%) Nutrition: (approximate) each 50g slice: Energy 585kj; Protein 3.3g; Fat 1.1g (Saturated 0.3g); Carbohydrates 28.75g (of which 15.1g is sugar); Sodium 157mg


    Made by AG Bakery

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