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The Organic Market and Café

    Sylk Natural Lubricant

    $16.55 each

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    Improve your sex life naturally, easily and inexpensively with Sylk, our unique natural personal lubricant not only alleviates dryness, it also helps put you quickly 'in the mood' Enhances sensitivity in women and on men Increases sexual pleasure Uniquely formulated from the ultra-slippery extract of the Kiwifruit Vine in clean, green New Zealand. Sylk is an excellent alternative to the more chemical lubricants on the market today:

    Benefits: Fun to use and 'real in feel' Natural - no petrochemicals like Parabens or propylene glycol Simulates & replenishes your body's own natural lubrication Water based and ideal to use with all condoms, diaphragms & toys Uses Grapefruit Seed Extract, a natural preservative (considered to be both antibacterial and antifungal), to help keep your sensitive bits healthy Silky smooth, ultra-slippery and long lasting Deliberately not flavoured, coloured or sweetened to help you avoid triggering allergies Welcome gentle relief for those with sensitive systems It's immediate - not a pre-meditated 'maybe' insert or one you have to use in applicators twice a week

    Sold worldwide and widely recommended Discreet, attractive packaging with flip-top lid so you leave one hand free for better things! Portable size (40g bottle) perfect for travel as well as 'under the pillow' Water soluble - washes out easily and will absolutely not stain your new white lounge or bed-linen

    Not just for women - men love Sylk too!


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